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Get high-quality solar panels for your home. Our solar panels provide a clean look, as well as clean energy for your home. Save money and save resources.

Texas Incentives

What you should know about tax incentives in our area.

Commercial 50% Bonus Depreciation Expense

For property acquired and placed in service after November 30,, 2011 and before December 31, 2012, the allowable first year deduction is 50% of the adjusted basis.

IRS ruling documentation allowing Federal tax on gross instead of net

Previously, the IRS required the gross cost to be reduced by any incentive received from utility companies before the 30% federal tax credit was figured. Now it is reversed. Contact your tax professional for your specific situation.

100% Tax Exemption from Real Property Taxes

Texas excludes the value added by solar-electric (PV) systems installed after January 1, 1992 from real property taxation. However, the land on which a PV system is located remains taxable.

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